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 根据装修程度不同,距离地面高度不同,距离橱柜地板是12cm,P形存水弯高度12cm,最小高度管中心距成型面 25cm,距离毛坯面30cm。

 2、洗菜盆下水管采用PVC50下水管道,确保污水迅速排出。 3、洗菜盆下水PVC管和铸铁管,好密封好固定,不易漏水。 4、厨房洗菜盆下水管PVC管道寿命长。 
5、厨房洗菜盆下水管管道全部密封,上下形成一个腔道,管道 堵塞的机会降低。
According to the degree of decoration, the distance from the ground is different, the distance from the cabinet floor is 12cm, the P-shaped water bend height is 12cm, the minimum height pipe center is 25cm from the molding surface, and the distance is 30cm from the blank surface.
Method for installation of sink pipes in kitchen washbasin
1, hit the hole installed on the table;
2, install the start to the pot;
3, install faucets and hoses on the vegetable basin;
4, install vegetable pot hose access to tap water;
5, debug the faucet until water does not leak;
6, adjust the vegetable basin, play glass glue fixed, first use a pencil drawing on the stove table to wash the installation position of the vegetable basin, with the tool to cut off the middle, installed after the wash basin glue around the ring to prevent leakage. Dig holes in the table according to size, put the table basin in, and put glass glue around it. If it is uneven, press it with heavy things in the place where it is raised, and it will solidify.
Proper installation of sink pipes in kitchen washbasin
1, wash vegetable basin drainage tube uses PVC drainage pipe, there is anti-water bending, do not return taste.
2, wash vegetable basin drainage tube adopts PVC50 sewage pipeline to ensure that sewage is discharged quickly. 3, wash vegetable basin water PVC tube and cast iron tube, so as to seal well fixed, not easy to leak. 4, kitchen washbasin drainage PVC pipe life long.
5, the kitchen lavatory basin sewer pipes are all sealed, forming a cavity up and down, the chance of pipeline congestion is reduced.
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