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落水系统能有组织地将雨水合理高效排离建筑物,从而在完成屋面雨水排放的同时很好 地保护房屋的外产面和地基,尽量地延长建筑物的使用寿命,同时还起到一定的装饰美观效果。由于落水系统的雨水管的目的就是让雨水排出屋面,所以作用是很大 的,在施工布置的时候,首要考虑屋面的集水面积的大小,还有房屋整体的结构、类型坡度等决定。落水系统在布置房屋的落水系统时也需要留意几点:
The drainage system can efficiently and rationally discharge rainwater from the building in an organized way, so as to protect the exterior production surface and the foundation of the building and prolong the service life of the building as much as possible while completing the roof drainage At the same time also played a certain decorative aesthetic effect. As the purpose of the rainwater pipe of the drainage system is to let rainwater out of the roof, so the role is very large, in the construction layout, the first consideration of the size of the roof catchment area, as well as the overall structure of the house, the type of slope and other decisions. Downspouts also need to pay attention to a few points when arranging the downspouts of a house: Before installation, the downspouts of the downspouts must meet the number of requirements of the house, and the number of downspouts should be calculated reasonably according to the roof area Also, be sure to keep away from doors, windows, and patio exits when installing downspouts. Color Aluminum Gutter water system in the fixed, be sure to avoid decorative walls and wall columns. Color Aluminum Gutter water system location, as far as possible to achieve the effect of the facade, the water pipe as far as possible in the wall edge, Shade Angle, some hidden places, or its symmetry, also need to pay attention.
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